Sunday, 27 October 2013

A quiet day before the storm

 In the forestorm, that's a made up word to describe the weather before the mother of all hurricanes hits Rock HQ, the weather has been pretty bad. Despite this yours truly just had to get on with the plan. Which is why I was found dressed in fluorescent Lycra, clinging on the the handlebars so the wind didn't separate machine (? is it?) and rider, dripping wet and hypothermic at the second meeting of the Red Kite Riders. Five other fools enthusiastic sorts joined me and we did a very exciting and when safely completed, enjoyable 11 miles. Back at the ranch I decided not to bother drying out and got on with the grand design and cleared more of the site for the Swiss Chalet kennel block. This was less hampered than yesterday as bad weather kept botherers indoors. End of play, read boredom, saw two thirds cleared.
 Thoughts of warm cuppas and fire side chats were banished as the boys were rounded up and walked to catch the school bus.
 Will.I.Am and Apollo the wonder foal are going back to school to remind them what its like to carry weights for a living and hopefully some manners.
Indoors the apprentice smallholder kept us entertained as usual and in a quiet moment he sat at the keyboard and typed this. Not bad for a 2 year 7 month old, all his own work. Even more impressive is the fact that he then called our attention to it by bringing a photograph of the screen he had taken. God help his teachers when he goes to school.

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