Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Equal shares

 The rampaging Ryelands made a major break for freedom yesterday and the mass breakout was only thwarted by the Oracle who is the guardian of the gate to the real world. The power supply company have compounded their crime of a compulsory almost 10% price rise by sending a pillock to read the meter who disobeyed the country code and after visiting HQ left to fleece (pun intended) some other punter and left our gate open. The Ryelands sensing calories over the border ran after the van and were headed off at the pass by the Oracle. Disaster averted the naughty sheep set about the windfalls at the Ghost House, and there are a massive amount of windfalls as there is a massive amount of wind around at the moment.
 The speed eating competition was well under way when we happened past  so little t sensing some injustice decided to redistribute the wealth and feed the travelling man's ponies their five a day.

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