Friday, 18 October 2013

All you need to change a light bulb

 Honestly you turn your back for 10 seconds and the apprentice smallholder is testing his head for heights. For those that are interested he did reach to top but had to resort to using his knees for the descent which every climber will know is a technical fail and frowned upon. Mind you having myself abandoned the tried and tested 3 point contact at all times in favour of a 56 point smother on some killer climbs way back when, I do know how he felt. Actually if memory serves it wasn't so much the climbs that were killers it was the sudden impact at the end of the unwanted gravitational pull that was the dodgy part.
Reason for the new climbing frame in the lounge was that Rock HQ was having a new light bulb fitted and apparently this is all you need to fit one.

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