Tuesday, 17 July 2012

No time for midnight at the lost and found

 Theres so much going on here sometimes that its impossible to keep up to date. Yesterday's antics with awol piglets meant I had no time to tell you what the nutjob of a horse called Chester got up to Sunday night/Monday morning, and because Bridget, who was the reason behind the pork turnout and subsequent shenanigans (which included catching 5 piglets at midnight) has given birth this evening there is little time again to regale the tale of Chester's naughtiness.
 The quick version is that he went out for a leg stretch and munch of grass late Sunday evening and for various reasons was left to his own devices until nightfall. This is, we now know, about as sensible as leaving a monkey with a hand grenade. BY bedtime, that's everyone else's bedtimes not mine, this idiot horse was no where to be seen. Ok it was dark, it would be impossible to see him but you know what I mean. After much pointless calling and bucket rattling, yours truly set off around the bonsai mountain in the pitch black ignoring the risk from Trolls, Werewolves and Zombies to fetch horsey back to his bed. After 358 degrees of the circuit the feeble torch picked out two reflections up the slopes, and after ascertaining it was not a Troll, Werewolf or Zombie I approached them with caution (and effort it was steep) to find Chester had grazed his way uphill into a maze of gorse bushes and in the darkness could not find a way out or down. He now took it into his chicken sized brain to head uphill, perhaps thinking the approaching beam of light was a Troll, Werewolf or Zombie rather than a very annoyed, thoroughly wet and tired fat bloke. The following SOHF resulted in Chester quickly understanding that uphill was definitely the wrong choice and downhill along the track and to bed would stop the tirade Celtic language. Forty minutes into Monday morning and he was tucked up safely and I was calming rapidly with the aid of a reasonably large Jura.
 Having said that there is no time to spend telling you about the newest time wasters all delivered safely,
six stunning pedigree Mangalitzas. And as we have spent so much time with them theres no time to explain why cold water, coffee granules and disposable gloves are going to feature quite heavily in the daily routine for a while.

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