Saturday, 7 July 2012

In pig pens no one can hear you scream....

 Barely time to grab supper after the shenanigans with Pam earlier (see below) I went back out to feed and water the critters, high pitched squealing from Pam's boudoir alerted me to the fact she was not alone. Pam was giving birth. Great. Now Mangalitzas are a bit different at the birth thing than other pigs I have acted midwife too. Most other pigs like soft lighting, mood music, scented candles, gentle back massages and a reassuringly held trotter while they gently squeeze out new bacon into the world.
The blood on the walls behind Pam should give some idea as to how a Mangalitza approaches the task, think Ridley Scott, chest bursters, Alien screams and viscera. Basically  the Mangalitza spins round looking in horror at her tuppence (her front bottom) makes a hideous sound and fires out at mach3 a slimy object.
 This the bounces across the floor, or slides down wall depending on trajectory, before gathering its senses and heads off to the milk bar.
Mum then lies down for a period of time, calm is restored, until she feels the urge to push again and the whole sequence begins but this time with piglets squealing encouragement. Mangalitzas also lose their cuddly lets have a hug mentality and become more like a T Rex with a toothache, in other words, very agitated and not at all happy for you to be within biting distance of their offspring. So when one set off across the floor in entirely the wrong direction and showed no intention of going to mum but every intention of throwing itself into a drain yours truly donned his superhero outfit and went the the rescue risking life and limb in the process. Having ensured the route to the emergency exit was clear I managed to get out with only a severe verbal chastisement. So far there are three little piglets. It looks like being a long night.

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