Sunday, 22 July 2012

Here comes the sun!

 The morning got off to a worrying start as there was a strange yellow orb in the sky. Several critters, Crispen included, took shelter until the all clear was sounded as the strange glowing object turned out to the the sun. Having reassured all and sundry that they were perfectly safe and that the rain was bound to return very shortly we all got on with our lives. The jobs list was steadfastly ignored thanks to the return of the sunshine and time was found to have family and friends around to take a walk on the wildside (for me this was a painful trip around the bonsai mountain as I insisted on wearing shorts and paid dearly thanks to the close attention of the stinging nettles) and feed the critters.
As usual the piglets were a hit, as was the Mangalitza pork and sausage on the barby!

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