Sunday, 1 July 2012

The loss of the magnificent seventh

 We knew the end was near when late last night I helped Aunt Montana's owner get her back in the house after she lay down and refused to move(thats Montana refusing to move not her owner). Mont perked up a bit and was put to bed but was very very ill.
 We called in first thing, Montana was not moving much but a happy dog. As ever.
 The vet came to see Montana and it was decided that she should go to sleep, her heart was struggling, there was no hope. So Aunt Montana has left up forever but she left so many memories. So all these pics are from the day we found out she (top) was ill until today when I buried her.
 She was a lovely big bear of a Berner, soft in the head, big heart, loved to be with the animals,
excellent with kids, especially if they have food,
happy to be one of the clan, one of the magnificent 7,

a champion sleeper (anywhere)

a big fan of Reuben,

and pigs (almost the same)

in all a lovely girl who in her 6 years of life raised a lot of smiles and will be dearly missed by the Dolyhir Clan.


Anonymous said...

Tough call Tony. You and I have both been there before but it never gets any easier.


spiderlover said...

Yup, never gets easier, so true. A great life lived in a loving home with never a dull moment.

jessej said...

thanks for sharing the photos of her, i had been wondering how she was doing since the announcement- i have sent word for my loved ones over the bridge to welcome with wags and woofs! margeaux jesse in america

Rama's Mama said...

Oh my, such a beautiful dog. So very sorry for your loss.