Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Roll call

The pocket rocket kept us entertained while we did the rounds this morning, as did the weather. While we had clear skys, then a few showers and 12 degrees, parts of Scotland had 10 inches of snow and closer to home I was chairing a meeting several valleys over and there was a minor panic as reports were coming in that it was snowing in the next valley. Whether or not this prompted panic buying of essentials several garages I went past today had no fuel. I blame the government!

Final call for Pig Club, after much delay its starting proper this Easter Sunday, we still have a couple of piglets, Berkalitza's that you can sponsor and then eat. You do have to be close enough to get the finished sausages and the like. Details of pig club can be found on the main website http://www.talesfromtherock.com/

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