Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Supersize me!

The accuracy of my statement "No no new arrivals thank God" at half past sparrows fart was very short lived as my beautiful and oh so patient wife, who was sharing the joys of the spring morning with me (a morning that had reverted to type, horizontal rain, the heavy wet type, you know its raining hard when its running off your eyelashes type rain) pointed out that Bonny was lying in the shelter making funny noises.
As I tried to get the rest of yesterdays delivery of straw under some sort of waterproof cover Bonny lay grunting and pushing. Time passed, there seemed little progress so yours truly having studied James Herriot acted as birth partner and delved inside Bonny's tuppence and extracted a lamb the size of a miniature donkey.

Ryelands tend to have single lambs, and as ours tend to be well fed the lamb can be quite large. This was the biggest yet, a prize ram in the making.

The title for best ram lamb at Rock HQ was stolen later this evening when Maude, who also had trouble and needed my less than expert services to deliver the supersized lamb, threw out this monster black ram lamb.

He is so big he didn't need to stand to feed! Now we only have one more ewe to go. And a small pony. Then we can relax. Of sorts.

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