Thursday, 12 April 2012

Born free

Not the most exciting of release into the wild video clips but Sid the Slow Worm has been reacquainted with the cold wet damp vegetation of the common, albeit on a sunny day in his own sunbeam. I think he was getting used to the easy life of the warm box with heat lamp, dry wood shavings, clean water and hand picked baby slugs. I checked a few hours later and he had gone so fingers crossed he survives long enough to spread his genes,

He shared the box with the lone quail chick, only one of the three survived, he/she is still tiny so it will be a while before he/she is destined to solitude for a while longer. I did get 48 more eggs today from the nice man with the giant quail fetish and hopefully these might be a bit more productive than the last batch in the incubator.

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