Friday, 6 April 2012

Miracle Grow

Its been a long Good Friday here at HQ, a good mix of fun and hard work spread out from dawn til dusk. Major job completed was the bas of the aviary, obviously we are expecting any finches or chicks to be massively heavy hence the six inch concrete base. This was the fault of the local builders merchant who dropped off six inch shuttering rather than the four inch requested but it was either delay the project further or cut two inches off the ones sent or just get on with it. The latter was chosen and despite having to wheel every barrow load from the runway, up the steep slope of "the lawn" (some of which can be seen in all its lush verdant goodness above) and having run the gauntlet of the assortment of animals who all thought wheelbarrow loads of concrete were worthy of inspection the majority of the mix ended up in more or less the right place and more or less level. Piglets aplenty here, Guinevere is acting funny, or perhaps it was last nights full moon, but she was staring into space and refusing to go to bed, perhaps she is an alien and wanting to phone home, anyway she got a new bed today on the just in case she drops a litter of piglets overnight principle. Iggle is nesting, she is in the berth inbetween Piggle and Morgana so is surrounded by trainee sausage.

Meanwhile Morgana's litter, the pig club recruits, are expanding rapidly. Here's one extremely good looking Berkalitza day one

and here's the same Berkalitza piglet day 12. A right chubster, talking of which Misty the explosive shitland looks a bit on the wide side thanks to Trevor ravishing her some 10 months ago, she should be due around the 28th of this month give or take a week.

The poor girl is feeling the weight

and needs a wide load sign from this angle.

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Jeremy Fisher said...

I don't know about the "Pig Club". Looks more like you need some income to pursue a bit of family planning for your livestock!
For the man who once famously stated something along the lines of "every animal on this establishment has to earn its keep", you seem entirely unable to stop the slow but steady increase of useless things on four legs. I bet you've already thought about names for the foal!