Monday, 9 April 2012

Never say Never Again!

This might look like a dark shadow lurking behind Kayleigh our agoraphobic goat but it is in fact a very well bred animal called Maisey who has just joined us at Rock HQ. She hails from way up north, County Durham originally, before moving to west Wales where she was trained and shown, got pregnant (hussy) had kids and from that point her show career was over as her udder went a funny shape. Not the shape judges admire anyway. So the nice man who sold us Kayleigh (she actually has a very posh Welsh name that when pronounced properly sounds like an angel singing, if I say it it sounds like I have just barfed on my shoe, so we call her Kayleigh) who had trained Maisey called us on the off chance we wanted another garden botherer.

How could we refuse? With Kayleigh giving us enough milk to bath in and Kurry soon to be a tandoori recipe it was obvious we needed another goat, especially as she is also agoraphobic and allergic to gardens. Anyway Anglo Nubian Goats are like chocolates, one is never enough.

So tonight I got to milk two goats. One stood quietly and ate her food while letting me get at the white stuff. The other kicked the jug over, bit my left ear and kicked me in the right. Once I explained to Maisey the options available, compliance or spicy cookery she settled down and I got enough out of her to compensate for the bruises and feed Kurry.



Jeremy Fisher said...

It's just such a slippery slope and your downward trajectory is ever faster!!

Anonymous said...

Haha just what I was about to say!

How many agoraphobic goats are there anyway and can you make others like that??