Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Piggin busy

This happy bunch of piglets kept us busy for several hours this morning. At 6am it seemed that Guinevere was still only thinking about giving birth. By the time I had gone and got a cuppa and lent lazily back over the side of the pen there were three piglets feeding. She kept this up, timing the delivery to my absence, like me fetching a bucket of water, or milking the goats, each return saw a fresh delivery of fresh pork. I did stay for a 40 minute vigil and saw one fired out into the world. Me leaning over watching eating a bacon and egg roll was perhaps a bit insensitive but I was pressed for time. Piggle is still holding out but I predict by Friday we will be pigged out and save for the arrival of a couple more lambs we wont be expecting any more offspring. Except for a foal.

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