Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Helping hand

Tuesday Morning Wednesday morning, its getting cold and wet ......

Wednesday evening a bit of a change!

Sheepskull lane

is a playground.If you like the cold.

I was debating whether or not to go around the Bonsai Mountain but after losing the argument my unfit self took a hike and we did the clockwise circuit taking in the Technohermits lair dropping off his supper. He was happy enough except for the snow, that would be ok except for the cold, different to the day before. Very. A lazy north east wind was howling along the valley and piling the snow up (lazy as it goes through you, not around) turning the mountain into an adventure playground. The dogs loved it. I was glad to be outdoors. On the path a band of gold caught my eye. Quite how this slow worm had survived the weather and then 12 paws running over it is a bit of a mystery. Being cold blooded it was barely moving in the evening snow melt, stuck almost motionless it was going to die without the dogs help unless I gave it a helping hand. Its currently under a lamp in with the quail chick, but in a container so there are no temptations on either side for culinary experiments, and its vital signs look promising. Soon as the snows gone its going back to where I found it, well almost, to one side of the path. As long as its warm.

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spiderlover said...

Well done Tony, aren't they beautiful. Not seen one for years. Hope it survives :)