Sunday, 1 April 2012

Ice sculpture

Its often a task I forget to do, feeding the poultry. I have lost count of the number of times I have kicked my boots off and walked through the door of the cottage looking forward to a brew and half way to the kettle remembered that the birds need feeding. Today was no exception but I am glad that I went straight back out otherwise I would have missed this little marvel of nature. In the morning sunshine, and we have been having days of 22 degrees, no rain, here comes summer type weather which is very unusual for March and even more so for Wales, glinting under the garden tap was a sparkling object.

Close inspection revealed this amazing little ice sculpture, what the picture cannot show is that it is in fact hollow, the drip of water falling down the centre and the splash freezing as it exploded on impact.

I watched for a while, in the warm air of the morning it was not going to last long.

Sure enough by the time I fed the birds it had vanished. But I saw it. A moment stolen from nature.

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