Sunday, 1 January 2012

Start as you mean to go on

It was a very very very slow start here at Rock HQ, one that had nothing to do with staying up until the early hours of 2012 and emailing all and sundry New Year Wishes, drinking too much single malt and eating too much blue cheese. In fact the new year was heralded by a cup of tea and watching the fireworks on TV until a chance discovery of the last of the 2010 sloe gin was found and abstinence binned. The critters all sheltered from the weather so aside from two inquisitive pigs, signs of life were minimal around the cottage until late morning. We did start as we meant to go on with a minor drama on the rabbit front, they were in the garden, not in the hutch (cheers pigs) and so had to be rounded up before they became interesting squeaky toys for the Berners.

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