Monday, 30 January 2012

I have to admit to some disappointment this morning as for once when we are totally prepared right down to the water tanks being brim full the big freeze failed to appear and the much herladed snow was 6mm rather than 6 feet. Steve the electrician appeared and delivered the bad news that because I had opted for a nuclear powered cooker the drain on the national grid was so massive that substantial new parts were needed for the already fragile wiring in the cottage. While we knew the 12 volt system was under par the revelation that an all new 60 amp rig was needed and the maximum capacity we had was one third of this. My offer of jamming half a nine inch nail in the fuse box to carry the necessary charge across the gap failed to win any support so we relented to having another box of tricks attached to the wall so we can cook without having to turn off Mr Whirlpool the freezer who will be needed to accommodate Iggle and Piggle next week.

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