Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Piggin rushing about

I didn't have the camera with me, unusual I know, so there are no pictures of last nights escapades with Hetty the love sick bovine. She escaped Rock HQ a few weeks ago and was ravished by a Belgian Blue Bull. It was her own fault and she jumped three fences and terrorised a hundred sheep before she managed to get in a position where he could have his wicked way.

Three days ago she jumped in with the Berkshire pigs Morgana and Guinevere and seemed happy enough, but given her capacity for show jumping we thought is good idea that she should be shut inside for her own safety while the time to bull passes. It was going to be very straightforward, Hetty would follow the bucket of extremely appetising feed up the lane to the small enclosure at the back of the kennels, and as I had Stable Sprite and his apprentice Gremlin as extra cowhands what could possibly go wrong.

Well as it took over an hour, we covered several miles, got The Oracle involved and ended up cornering the beast (cow not the Oracle) in the garden of the Ghost House under the watchful eye (only one) of the Witch who lives there (don't look back) quite a lot in reality. Thankfully with my careful management and Gremlins unbounded enthusiasm we got Hetty safely indoors, the Berkshires back in the pen and the Ryelands out of the conservatory. As Stable Sprite said as he fired up his aging magic white chariot, its never easy, but then again why would I want it to be. What else is there to do? Watch Telly?

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