Thursday, 21 July 2011

And finally George

It seems that comparing BT to a cross dressing crooner from the 80's was more than they could stand. So finally after months and months of intermittent phone connection decisive action was taken.

First wind we got of it was when the phone went dead again. Preparing for the mother of all rants I spotted a strange vehicle entering the militias property that borders ours. Within the hour three poles were down and another saw three brand new ones in their place.

Engineers in cherry pickers re hung the wire and almost as fast as they appeared they were off. Job done. Finally. A forever fix. Thank you Boy George, you might have given us tuneless wailing with pointless lyrics, inspired hideous fashion sense and created gender confusion in night clubs that is an endless source of embarrassment to many, but you did, without even knowing it, get our phone line fixed. For that I can almost forgive you Karma Chameleon. Almost.

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