Saturday, 23 July 2011

Looking good

Hetty is the one thing looking good in the garden at the moment. I was hoping that she would keep the grass down to below knee height but

she has other ideas and was caught today puling branches off the plum tree and scoffing the unripe fruits. Wont want to be walking

to close behind her when they work their way through her system. George arrived today, we have big plans for him but he has been lazing in the back of Hazel the almost 4x4 as he is too heavy to shift solo after my six weekly visit to the mighty osteopath. Talking cars (Hazel) Vic came back from the docs today after dumping his gearbox oil on the yard. As it happened here rather than midpoint of a daily 200 mile drive Vic suffered no damage following his ruptured seal. Good job really as next week I am giving up paid work in search of better things.
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