Saturday, 2 July 2011

The gate hangs well

A rare day at HQ. A day where all tasks set for the day were a) completed b)without breaking anything c)no injuries and d) in sunshine.

Primary task was to hang the gates on the entrance and exit to the helipad. Several different schemes were thought through and all rejects as most involved demolishing enough wall to put in gate posts, meaning builders not yours truly as bodger. However a quick trip to KBS the friendly building suppliers who are well used to the likes of me turning up on a hot busy Saturday with no idea as what they want. The nice man behind the counter didn't bat an eyelid when I asked where the planed timber was, no I didn't know what size but would know when I saw it. I followed him to the racks of wood, past all those clever types with note books and tape measures. Eventually we found what I was looking for. How much did I need as he pulled a likely looking length from the rack. About that much, times four. Again he didn't flinch as I held my hand at waist height and showed him how much was needed. That's good, this piece will make four of those he added cheerfully as we went back to the counter. I did detect a slight tremor of the side of his mouth when I asked about sheet ply wood, how much did I need, well enough to do the job, about that much I suppose, I held my arms out like a bragging fisherman.

Kindly he led me to the sheet timber and we found a couple of pieces that matched. He solved the puzzle of what type of screws I needed pointing out that the numbers on the sides of the boxes were not in fact length as I thought, but quantity. Finally after refunding part of my purchase as I had the good sense to ask if the bolts bought were good for concrete walls, he remained cheerful as he found the correct item for me. I think it was him that was banging his head into the counter as I set the shop alarm off as in changing the bolts he forgot to remove the security tags. How we laughed.

Anyway the gate is now well hung(no need for smutty humour at this point) and if I had remembered where I had put the bolts the job would have been finished. The sheet ply was used to clad the stable doors, this will now render any attempt to damage the doors by any critter, impossible. Famous last words. The front of the goat house was also reattached after William and Apollo pushed it in to get a free lunch of goose food. The goat house is currently home to Storm and Sally the Chinese geese who have each hatched two eggs.

The daily chores were kept interesting by the antics of the piglets who have en masse decided to explore the world and so set off to see the ponies. Every time I appeared they hid under Hazel. Having picked this little one up I can now confirm that Mangalitza piglets do in fact squeal, loudly, non stop and that Mangalitza sows get very annoyed if they think you are in any way causing their sprogs harm which is why this cute piglet was more or less thrown back through the gate instead of being placed carefully. All thoughts of placing carefully left my head as Pam Pig bore down on me at mach 10 with fangs bared.
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