Friday, 29 July 2011

Morning workout

Abs and arms workout to start the day, moving over 1000kg of animal feed from Trixie to the tack room via the marauding Ryelands,

it didn't take long being the super fit smallholder that I am, and if nothing else the Ryelands were persistent

to the end. It rained the whole time, I got wet, almost broke my back slipping on the treacherous slope of the trailer ramp greased with rain and fresh sheep offerings and missed breakfast. I did ask Tracey my beautiful and oh so patient wife who was watching the gun show and riding shotgun to the sheep/goat/and anyothertheives if she ever considered selling it all and leading a quiet and normal life. She told me I would be bored. Correct.

Down at the office we had a surprise visit from Sox and his owners, he, an ex rescue of ours, is doing really well, has grown in size and stature and is a very happy dog.

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