Sunday, 1 May 2011

New faces

Our friends Ann and Paul visited Rock HQ to catch up with how we are and to get to see our apprentice smallholder. He performed well by being 100% cute and well behaved. As we had guests not a lot got done around the place but given it was another glorious day that was no hardship and we spent hours sat on the sun terrace swapping dits about past climbs, adventures with chainsaws (Paul cut down a very old hedge accidentally) and pubs. So once the critters had been fed and watered, the dogs exercised and the cow found (she somehow vanished in an open field only to appear when we decided that she really needed finding) an expedition was mounted to our local local. We did consider a longer walk to our real local, but decided that by the time we got there (Monday breakfast) Sunday lunch would not be an option. The middle distance local, some three miles away was automatically discounted from consideration on account they tried to kill us with poor quality food and when we had the audacity to point out the steak smelled like decaying rodents they took umbrage. So in order to ensure we got fed today and still maintain the boycott, a decision was made to go to The Harp Inn, which is usually reserved for special occasions as you need to book thirty seven months in advance to get a table and sell an organ for transplant to be able to afford a main course.
The walk across the valley was a gentle stroll, going up the other side we could look back on Bonsai Mountain and play spot our sheep. Rock HQ is pictured here on right on the edge of the green field.
The pub wasn't as busy as we expected and we got a good table outside. Quite a few things had changed, not least of which the Landlord. I had heard rumours it had changed hands, and seeing an advert for "steak night" recently raised further suspicions, that was unheard of from the previous Landlord. Still after a walk we were ready for a few beers and the food was good and with such good company we were bound to have a good time, even if Ann did have to suffer a fish free fish salad (we ordered the wrong one for her) but the puddings were amazing.
This newspaper cutting is in the entrance porch, Bonsai Mountain is famous and very popular with walkers. We saw two of them sat in the pub tucking in to a Sunday roast. I recognised them as the two walkers in our lane following the above route earlier. They had turned around and headed off in the other direction for some reason. It might have been the seven Bernese Mountain Dogs waiting to say hello helped them decide a retreat to an early lunch was a better option.

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