Monday, 16 May 2011

In the genes

Here's a pic of our coloured Ryelands, Joan at the back and Ebony to the right, between them is Jester on the right, Ebony's son and Bumble, Easters son on the left. Both black sheep came from white sheep and Ebony has obviously given birth to a white lamb. Funny thing genes.
Misty has been behaving oddly, strange stretching exercises, leaning on trees and kicking herself. Apparently they give birth between 10pm and 4am. I guarantee if I sit up and watch all night every night she will drop it when I take a 30 second comfort break. So shes tucked up in the back stable to see what happens.
Also in the back stable tack room side is a racing pigeon found trying to commit suicide by throwing itself at our cats. Its in there for its own safety and hopefully once its rested it will carry on to its proper destination. I don't think it will have won the race.
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