Saturday, 14 May 2011

BBMC 2011

The best dressed were wearing T shirts with the above on to raise awareness of the shortage of foster carers (its foster care fortnight from the 16 May)and we made great time this year thanks to a combination of preparation, good weather and having a maniac making us jog much of the course.

I spent the usual amount of time wishing I had lost more weight, not bothered entering, hating it, thinking that this was definitely the last time I was going to enter, loving it, and looking forward to doing it again next year. The route was as interesting as ever, woodland trails, steep lung bursting climbs, leg breaking rocky bits and totally enjoyable grassy stretches. The Longtown Mountain Rescue teams did well organising the event aside from the chaotic start, and even had to stretcher a casualty off the comically named peak of Lord Herefords Knob

The finish line finally hove into view, we ran the last two miles and completed the course in a whole minute under target time. Tea and cakes revived us, another certificate awarded and the slow drive back to Rock HQ gave us just enough time to get cramp. I now ache in places I forgot could ache and am not looking forward to tomorrow, I think movement around the smallholding will be slow and limited.
In all a successful day giving us some good publicity for Red Kite Fostering, over a 1000 people were made aware of the shortage of foster carers and only two thought it was anything to do with Falconry. We also raised a lump of cash for Prostate Cancer Research, anyone wishing to donate can do so via paypal into and anyone wishing to know more about fostering children, not birds of prey, can click on the link in the margin. More clips from this years BBMC will be posted when I can think straight and a video will be composed and put on youtube for the real fans.

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Anonymous said...

well dun you!!!
and yes i'd b most interested in hearing more about fostering.....LOL another visit 2 A + E this lunch time....yet again with one of my adrenalin junkie sons!!!!! conor thought he was super skater on his new rollerskates (only 2 find out that his WRIST was not as solid as he thought HE was!!!) THANK THE LORD IT WAS JUST A WRIST!!