Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Vice Versa

I took a late amble around the Bonsai Mountain this evening, last light soon became darkness and the last part of the walk was completed by sense of smell. Six Bernese Mountain Dogs and a pathetic Triever hid behind me and my stick, carried in case of bear or hermit attack. He did shout from his lair as we passed in the twilight, thanking me for taking him to the Docs last night, he was much better now he chortled chewing on an unidentified bone.
As is want to do my mind derailed from the task in hand, surviving the evening stroll upright and with my collection of fungi relatively intact. Note to self, always carry a bag this time of year, seven huge chestnut mushrooms were all I could carry, a good suppers worth anyway. The sheep had sought various sleeping places and were fairly startled to see me and my pack emerge from the rain filled darkness. Curious to think that as we fall into autumn and our days get darker and shorter our friends down under are leaping headlong into the sunlight of spring. (see thier blog link in the margin) While we on our rain soaked mountain ponder the merits of another lambing season next spring they are just about to spend sleepless nights ensuring the safety of their ewes and the survival of the lambs, in fact they have already had one cute bundle arrive safely. Their ram rests in a sunny paddock while ours is making sure he gets round all his ladies and is wearing himself out in the process. A final thought as me and my canine companions entered the warm glow of the anti aircraft light, soaked to the skin. Why do we do it? Why smallhold? Answer. Because we love it. And because we can.
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