Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Open wide

The phantom gate opener struck again today and the two pictured here at the back, Roxy and Ebony and the one second from the front, Springtime made off as fast as their cloven feet could carry them into the lands on the militia. Not wishing to go through the same rigmarole of chasing them through the dreaded stinging nettles I used their own greed against them and casually fed the rest of the well behaved flock by the gateway. They, spotting the missed opportunity for gorging ran straight back and were suitably chastised before being allowed to eat. The gate has now been secured with a strong rope and a Gordian knot to persuade the phantom to climb rather open. Its at times like this you realise how attached you are to your woolly charges, the feeding frenzy in the gateway was short by three, the two Ryeland lambs, Trouble and Petal and Ferny Fern Fern from Ferntown. Fearing they had got a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of green pasture rather than mountain and cliff I collected another bucket of feed and after struggling to fend off several attempted bucket hijackings by goat I found the three amigos up in North Face Gully where they tried to look non plussed at being rescued and led back to the safety of the yard.
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