Thursday, 12 August 2010

X marks the spot

The great transformation of the grounds at Rock HQ continue, in fact so much progress has been made work has had to stop on the fencing and gates front while we catch up with the patio, pond and fish farm. I enthusiastically (which is a technical term to describe a less than straight cut with a saw) cut in half one of the 300 gallon orange juice tanks and set the pump the task of transferring the well water from the subterranean depths to the newly created fish tank. While this was going on Mr and Mrs Digger popped over for a chat, to view his handiwork and watch the GSD's get their first taste of free running. Now there is a fairly huge clear and reasonably secure area we thought it a good idea to see how they were off the leads. They loved it, running back and forth from one end to the other, but lack of muscle through lack of any opportunity to exercise meant that very quickly they were tired out. It was heart warming to see them enjoying themselves so much.
The picture above with the white X is another tale. Mr Digger and my beautiful and oh so patient wife Tracey were having a cuppa and looking towards the old oak, discussing how Mr Digger and I were going to spend a few happy hours fencing across the bank in front of the oak to create a nice big pig pen. Sat looking back in the X marks the spot spot was a fox. It very cheekily turned and loped along the bank and out of sight. Now Mr Digger had been even closer than this gate to the X marks the spot spot not ten minutes earlier. When the fox left it left without lunch, but by end of play today little grey speckled hen is missing presumed lunch.
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