Friday, 27 August 2010

Its cold and wet out here!

Any thoughts of an easy or early night last night vanished when I did the last check of the perimeter. Poor Trevor, the pocket rocket, gave a huge whinny when he saw me trudge through the mud to the forward observation trenches. First I thought he was telling me off as I was non tactical, a huge torch stabbing the darkness with its beam, but I know there are Zombies and Werewolves out there and any connoisseur of horror films knows, the one that gets it is the one without the torch. Anyway back in reality Trevor was trying to tell me something. He was cold. And wet. The combination was causing the poor little mite to chatter his teeth together. The geese Rupert and Mable were unceremoniously woken up and evicted from the back stable and Trevor the soggy equine was tucked up in bed with a big bowl of horse nuts whilst I made my way along the treacherous path up the side of the Bonsai Mountain in an effort to locate Misty, who, if Trevor was any guide, would be equally cold wet an miserable.
Two out of three, she was cold, and wet, but far from miserable once she saw the combination of gates open unlocked the secret path to the hayledge which is where she headed at speed , totally ignoring yours truly and the bucket of horse nuts that were getting damper by the second due to the torrents falling from the sky. With careful coaxing and a lot of pushing an pulling she was finally prised from the hayledge and ensconced in the nice warm stable with her mate. They were now safe, getting dry, well fed and in no danger of getting hypothermia. The complete opposite of their owner.
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