Sunday, 22 August 2010

Off the leash!

Despite having a hectic day where the jobs list was attacked with gusto, jobs ticked off included cleaning out the stables, kennels, changing the fish's water, feeding everything, visiting Stable Sprite to see what one man and a digger had done, baked cake for Stable Sprite as had promised cake when visiting, on the way called in and paid for the hayledge, then went mad an bought a new feed ring and a second hand water tank of the militia man who sells us the hayledge, then found Stable Sprite could have got them cheaper/better/bigger/ delivered yesterday with go faster stripes, bells and a free whistle, anyway despite all that time was taken to take Acer up to Five Ways to let him have a run around.
He was supposed to go to his new owners today but they had a life crisis and cancelled his appointment, so to make up for this disappointment he had a trip out into the wilderness with Rocky. Acer was a star, I took a lead just in case but the whole time he walked with his head on my thigh, he had to be persuaded to get this far away from me for a photo.
The poor lad has never walked so far so we took a few stops so he could get his breath back. Since we got back at two pm he has been curled up in his basket sound asleep. Tomorrow all being well he is going to join me on a forage to get apples "donated" for the pigs. In all he was a top dog, hopefully he will go to his new owners next weekend, he better go soon as he is fitting in a bit to well here!
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