Saturday, 14 August 2010

Nearly days

Its been a long day. A nearly day. A day when things were nearly done, nearly finished or nearly abandoned due to monsoon conditions. First light saw me slaving away over a hot PC keyboard, deadlines for various reports are looming. I like deadlines, and Courts set ones that cannot be trifled with. Once a suitable amount of wordage had been laid the morning routine was adhered to which was rewarded by a fantastic breakfast of sandwiches made from microholders sausages and long range eggs followed by toast and microholders marmalade. Microholders are smallholders who do it in towns, so they are the real Tom and Barbara Goods.

Breakfast was worked off by moving gravel into the OK Corral and positioning the feed ring, filling it and then fetching the boys to their new playground. While I worked the GSD's kept me company, exploring everything, they have a lot to learn. Lessons today included nettles still sting (they stung the day before) and oranges are not the only fruit. So far they have eaten apples, peaches and today oranges. Not sure they were to their taste but they stuck with it, pips and all.

The quest to find the missing radiator cap in the inner gubbins of the CRV took longer than it should on account my hands are bigger than the 25mm gaps through the engine. A tool fashioned from a hazel stick and sellotape probed the inner workings until it was located but it was the application of brute force and the flexibility of plastic that finally allowed the cap to be released and placed back in its rightful place.

The fish farm takes shape, a second tank is now functioning. There was a surprise in the well, lots of air, no water. Its a sign of how little rain we have had this year that our never empty well that has had thousands of gallons pumped out of it this summer is down to the gravel base some forty metres below the surface. Its started to fill again bit the water table is obviously low.

I probably wasn't as much help as I could have been to Pritch our hungover builder but progress can be seen on the patio, in between torrential rain and thunderstorms. I kept him supplied with necessary sugary caffeine rich drinks and by lunch time his liver had restored the blood/glucose/alcohol level to a sufficient state to allow him to start smiling.

There was disaster uncovered in the pantry, we have lost the two massive hams, they have spoiled so we only have 300 pound of bacon to get us through the next four months. It was the first time I had tried a wet cure and part of the leg surfaced and went bad, really bad, so its going to be cooked on an open fire and hopefully the dogs can make use of it.
Another nearly job was the gun cabinet, its located in a really safe place and fits the gap perfectly, no one will be able to gemmy it out, its sufficiently heavy not to be moved and by this time tomorrow, when the correct bolts have been located it will be attached to the concrete wall at four points and the floor at two.
By sunset things had dried and we were able to take the dogs out for a walk, tomorrow we hope to finish most of what we started today. Well nearly finished anyway.

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