Monday, 30 August 2010


I had to go and check on the Technohermit today as, yesterday when I approached his lair there was no sign of life, other than his cat sat waiting to be fed. As we had been given an unfeasibly large number of free sachets of salmon mouse pet food I had several about my person for such an eventuality and fed the hungry moggy whilst cautiously exploring the Hermits cave. Clearly he had gone somewhere as there was no sign of him and as I was carrying a container of hot roast lamb dinner it normally tempts him to the entrance. We have fed him on a Sunday for quite a while an he has never missed a meal this was a curious event. Having satisfied myself he was not curled up dead, had not fallen in a ditch within a 1km radius of his abode on the Bonsai Mountain I returned to Rock HQ to share the worry.
On checking in today he was fine, having decided to go looking for money in rabbit burrows on another hill. As I only had a limited amount of time I left asking the questions this statement generated, apart from the obvious did you find any, to which the less than surprising response was no, to which he added but I knows theres some there, and so I got back to the saner side of the hill to carry on with lots of jobs. On the way back I met this very sad looking mare and foal, she looked in a bit of a state, painfully thin and covered in flies. Flies I could not help her with but as there was an apple tree close by I made several trips and she tucked in. She is a very friendly pony, its a pity she's not better looked after. We shall be keeping an eye on this pair for a while.
Progress continues, some render is up on the walls now, the pointing is well under way, Pritch had another SOHF today (Sense Of Humour Failure) when his nice soft brush became a dog chew and was hidden under the cliff by Reuben. I had a bigger one when Geisha got back into the garden and attacked the apples. For the third time that hour.
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