Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Work in progress

Heres Poppy using the newly cleared area as a race track. The gateway she is about to run through marks the end of the horse corral. Everywhere seems to be posts, wire, gates and dirt but its all taking shape and by the weekend it should all be finished, apart from the fiddly bits like replanting.
The fish farm is still a construction kit, diggers and plastic pipes don't mix so we are changing 50% of the water twice a day from the well rather than have the pipes crushed. The fish seem to be doing alright but need to be spaced out in the four tanks, again a project to be finished by the weekend.
And as there are only a few jobs on the go we thought an additional task for Mr Digger would be a good idea, this scrape in the earth represents about two days digging with a shovel in the rocky soil of the Bonsai Mountain but thanks to the attention of the JCB a reasonable hole has been created to catch the spring water for the pigs to wallow in. Its an indicator of how little rainfall theres been here that the soils so dry so close to a spring.
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