Thursday, 26 August 2010

Big jobs!

Its the weekend, a holiday weekend, you can tell by the number of caravans of on the roads today and the depth of rainfall, it seems the drought is over by the amount water falling from the heavens and the sea of mud that has been created in the yard.

Weekend means big jobs and materials have been gathered to get them done. Tasks this weekend include finish the patio, finish the patio walls, get a pond built on the patio, get the gravel into the corral, mix enough concrete to make a small yard for the little ponies to stand on, sort fish out, re route water pipes to the holding tanks, install new tank in garden and connect to supply and divert to pigs, collect a ton of free apples for the pigs, collect straw, take Acer to his new owners, finish text and pictures for new website (this ones getting a huge makeover)get Rocky ready for dog show, win dog show, celebrate winning dog show and collect more animal feed.

A quiet weekend. Good job this one is four days long!

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