Sunday, 29 August 2010

Acer's home

This handsome lad was so interested in everything he almost jumped in the fish tank . Having so many Bernese and other dogs of our own it would have been silly to even think about keeping him, but as we never do anything sensible as far as animals are concerned Acer was on the brink of becoming a permanent resident. If the new home found for him showed any sign of second thoughts then he would have been put straight back in the car and brought home. I knew it would be a better idea if he moved on, but he is such a lovely dog it was hard to say goodbye.
It seems he will do well with his new family. They already have an older dog, who had a companion until about a year ago when it died of old age. This upset the dog so much it stayed behind the sofa, only coming out for meals and walks. As soon as Acer arrived they bounded round the garden, knocking over every pot plant and had a great rough and tumble. It seems like they will get on and Acer was happy enough to be left. As Glynis left the older dog came up to her and licked her hand as if to say thanks before tearing back through the house and chasing its new playmate round the garden.
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