Saturday, 5 September 2009

Waste of piggin time!

It would be hard to start describing where the day went wrong, and as a result of its wrongness the whole day was spent butchering a pig rather than getting on with the jobs. Home butchery leaves a lot to be desired sometimes, I did wonder how I would explain myself to any walker in our lane as I walked to Rock HQs kitchen laden with offal and covered with blood. After several hours hard work I ended up with a freezer full of the best pork and as is tradition here while I bagged and sorted the joints several small morsels were sizzling in the pan to keep my energy levels up.
The tree surgeon had to cancel due to bad weather, not today's but yesterday;s meaning he had several emergencies to deal with rather than our soon to be emergencies if something isn't done quick.
The money we saved by breaking assorted hand tools and our backs on a tree root to buy an Internet bride for Trevor hasn't been spent as the pony we thought we had bought has re-appeared on the Internet for nearly double the price.
The positives of the day, well the boys are happy with their new water trough. They were obviously fed up with having to drink out of a large blue plastic boat and demonstrated this by hoofing the bottom out of it and kicking it across the field. The nice shiny new trough matches their nice shiny new gate. If only fitting the gate was as quick and easy as dropping a new trough in the field.
The goats are happy as we still haven't put the straw away and are pictured here trying to eat it all before it is hidden from view.
Despite the monumental change of plans today brought I'm happy as I have pork spare ribs for dinner, truly if people had to work for their food as hard as I have today they would treasure every mouthful. Tomorrow will be a more productive day.
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