Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Like buses!

Waiting for news from Ben is like waiting for a bus, nothing then three at once. Today we got three letters! All very confusing but he is very keen and morale is high amongst his men despite the grim reality of war and the lack of creature comforts. In one letter he describes how he has been reunited with his bergen after 10 days, this contains his wash kit and toothbrush the joy of clean teeth and underwear after 10 days grot. He decided to shave off his beard but has kept his moustache which for some bizarre reason he thinks looks good.

Life continues its busy pace here at Rock HQ. The big trees are due to be felled this weekend, now this will have a huge impact on the amount of sunlight we get. At the moment most of the day we spend in shade, either because of the hill or because of the trees. Saturday ends their tyranny and we shall be bathed in sunshine.

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