Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Extreme smallholding!

The Stable Sprite dropped off another bale of hay for the boys today and for some reason he declined the invitation to get the hay from the yard along the lane and up the hill to where the boys are currently accommodated.

This was going to be a challenge. While many people go to the gym for a workout, or take part in keep fit classes we hardy smallholders roll bales across swamps and up bonsai mountain sides for fun. It took some time but we persevered and pushed, pulled and cursed the bale to its final resting place.

The Stable Sprite was duly informed that the challenge had been met, we had achieved our goal, the horses would have feed for a month. He was surprised, in fact he was astounded, he wondered how I did it. Well two secret weapons. Firstly Rene who dragged it along the lane thus saving it being rolled through mud for the first seventy metres. The second was Tracey, without whom so much on the smallholding would not get done, but this time she put superhuman strength into the task. The Photo below shows the height we gained in our pushathon, thankfully this mission was achieved without comedy moments like the bale rolling back to the start. Tracey did mutter the compulsory and somewhat unfortunate remark "At least its not raining." It did, heavily.

Our reward, well achieving the impossible once again, the looks on the boys faces when confronted with a massive dinner and a pint of ice cold cider.

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