Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Saving space

Heres a clip of the very happy pigs at Rock HQ stuffing in all the apples and plums they can.

Another busy night here at Rock HQ after last nights partying. I fetched 50 bales of hay from another smallholder who has something we are short of, namely fields. She managed to make 200 bales excess to requirements as her motley crew of ponies and sheep have lush grass to eat all year. Our equally motley crew have short mountain grass or mud to choose from so we are always supplimenting their menu with dried feed and hay.

Storage space is at a premium here, the old barn is not really a good place to put the hay on account its flooded. So I was going to put the bales in the one half of the stables because our boys are turned out at the moment. But I cant do that as the chickens and chicks are currently being kept safe in there from the ravages of the foxes and wont be moved until the chicken run is built. But that job is way down the list as the felled trees need chainsawing up with the chainsaw we have been lent. Mind you, equally pressing is the need to get the concreting done while we have the borrowed mixer, to be able to continue the new build a box has to be built to construct a concrete pad onto which the rest of the blocks can be placed, thus allowing the roof to be put on.

Theres no way I can build a good enough box so the carpentry skills of the Stable Sprite has been requested. But he cant build the box as I have to clear the way by taking the rest of the old roof off which I cant do right now as I have just filled the new build with the hay which will go into the stable once the chicken run is built.........

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