Monday, 7 September 2009

Action packed day!

Today got off to a great start with a full cooked English, bacon, eggs, fried potatoes and tomatoes, all our own produce. It made up for the fact I had to eat it alone as Tracey went back to paid work rather than work here. I filled the day with numerous jobs which needed doing. Bethan popped over for a walk on the hill which was a nice surprise, an even bigger one was finding three of our missing sheep, Meg had led them across the hills for several weeks and we just happened on the path behind them and walked them all the way back to our stables. Text book stuff and extremely unusual for Rock HQ. We also found Rita who was last seen in the cauldron some five weeks ago. She wont be coming home, having taken up permanent residence in Sheep Skull Lane, her ear tag, number 2, identified her remains. She was one of our first animals here at HQ, she was probably 7 years old and I think it was age that got her. The flock is now reunited in our yard, numbers 1 to 17, with the exception of 2, Rita and 9, Jess who are in celestial pastures. Burgers is still missing but as she wasn't ours we cant complain!

We also heard from Ben, which is good, the letter took over two weeks to get here, life on the front line sounds grim but he is coping well.

Jill came round for dinner so we had a fun evening chatting and eating too much, the main topic of conversation was our new acquisition.

So the top news is that Trevor has found his true love, pictured below, a 33 inch high miniature horse called Misty.
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