Monday, 14 September 2009

Some light relief

This is new, even for us, the pigs exploring Rock HQ. Beth had already told us that one of the pigs was out while we were at work. No need to panic, only one gets out, Bronwyn and she always stays close to the pen.
How wrong can you be, well totally really. When we got back all seemed quiet around the pig pen. That was because the boars had taken refuge in the old barn, probably waiting to jump on me when I began the search for the lost trough. Meanwhile Bronwyn and her sister Gwen had had it away on their trotters and were exploring the rear of the stables. Having found nothing to their liking there they had set off up the bank into Goatanamo. On hearing Fifi approaching they sensed a telling off so hid behind the sandbags in the yard until curiosity got he better of their stomachs and they rushed the front door as we tried to get in. A frantic search for tit bits ensued.
They were remarkably well behaved for such large unhousetrained animals. The only real mess they made was tipping over the dogs water bowl. A slight confrontation occurred in the pantry when they followed me in as I was searching for some apples to coax them back outside. As they were so close I showed them Mr Whirlpool and the cooker, their ultimate destinations.
Reunited with their brothers in the pen they scoffed a huge bowl of plums, a sweet and tasty treat which will hopefully add to their flavour.

It all provided a bit of light relief from the day as we are in a state of high anxiety at Rock HQ. One of Ben's regiment has been killed fighting in Afghanistan. We along with a hundred or so other families are suffering the emotions associated with the dread of hearing the news that its our son and the guilt of hope that its not. The panic when the phone rings is not good and the location given is where we last knew where Ben was. Our thoughts are with the soldier, his family and friends and those that served with him who are still in harms way.
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