Thursday, 10 September 2009

Easy life

Maggie seems to have taken up permanent residence in the garden at the moment, quite often we find her lay underneath the fuchsia bush taking in the view across the valley. No doubt once she has eaten as many plums as it is possible for a goat to consume without exploding she will move on once again but for now as she cannot cause any real damage her presence is being tolerated. Its been a lovely sunny evening here at Rock HQ so we didn't really feel like doing any big jobs, with it being dark at half eight there isn't a lot that can be achieved anyway so we collected a bucket full of damsons for the pigs and had an entertaining half hour as we watched them snuffle round the pen finding them as well as a load of hazel nuts chucked in for good measure.
The Stable Sprite popped in for a chat and to see if we needed any more hay dropped off as the fat ponies have set a new speed eating record for a large bale. This one we have decided can stay in the yard, the thought of struggling uphill with another ton bale that only lasts a week is not one Tracey and I like. Extreme smallholding is alright but sometimes an easy life is a far more appealing option.
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