Tuesday, 8 September 2009

And so it ends

My holiday ended today. Back to paid work tomorrow so I vented my frustrations on the holly root for another hour and half and removed another cubic foot of twisted root.

I also went to another funeral, the third this year, my cousin Sally had died recently of bone cancer. She was well thought of and over 350 people crammed the church to give her a lovely send off. I met up with elderly family members and promised to visit them soon, it seems that they only meet family members at funerals at the moment. Maybe its an age thing but so far this year I have been to three funerals and will be going to a fourth next week.

Planning to go away on visits will mean having to train Bethan to look after the ranch while we are away, now that will be interesting as she seldom ventures into the daylight.

Crispy our Ram is going to go for a holiday himself soon, a local smallholder is borrowing our big lad to spend some time with her flock. In return we get a couple of tiddlers and grazing for a month for William. Fair exchange!
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