Monday, 10 August 2009

No passengers!

Just one of the hazards at Rock HQ for the unwary car driver. Geisha is searching for dog biscuits.
Things are looking good here apart from the unwanted car passenger, finally we are getting on top of some big jobs. The trees that are posing a hazard to life and limb by the stable block are on 28 days notice when they will be removed, well not exactly removed but their world will change from vertical to horizontal where I can slice them up at my leisure. Firewood for years here.
The animal feed is going down spectacularly well, this with the new trough has eliminated a lot of anxiety from feeding the pigs, we are almost on talking terms now.
The sand and cement arrives tomorrow and the site is just about ready for the Stable Sprite to come and weave some magic.
The only downer has been that one of the turkeys found out that it was to be Christmas dinner and so took the easy way out and committed suicide in a bucket of water.
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