Thursday, 27 August 2009

Final Breakthrough

Its happened, the final breakthrough. Only four weeks ago the pigs were treated to a nice new shiny trough which attached nicely to the fence, thus allowing me to feet them without the need for body armour. Its sudden appearance also curtailed their mining activities in and around the very ancient pig sty. Unfortunately within a week the novelty had worn off and they had moved the trough to the far end of the pig pen forcing yours truly to brave the pork onslaught twice a day to ensure the piggies got their rations.

Tonight as I riverdanced across the pen my target was missing. The trough had gone. As I danced around the pigs presenting their snapping jaws with a constantly moving target I searched frantically for it. There, buried under the debris of the wall of the sty was the end of the trough. Around a ton of stone wall has given way. They have broken through and are now into the ramshackle hen house which is devoid of hens due to the fox. I dumped their food onto the floor as the squealing reached a crescendo and reached the sanctuary of the garden relatively unscathed. Next week I am on holiday. Probably rounding pigs up from the common!
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