Sunday, 23 August 2009

The Magnificent Seven Ride Again

The concrete I am happy to report survived almost unscathed, on return from the Mad Hatters T Party last night fully expecting to have to chisel a goat free from the grey slab we were happy to find only a curious cat had left the obligatory trail of prints across the fresh laid concrete.

The Mad Hatters T Party was a fun evening at Tracey's Uncle and Aunts smallholding (truth be known they probably sowed some of the seeds for the idea for our venture) up in Shawbury way. They still have the ponies and donkeys Tracey used to ride as a child, no secrets given away but Charlie the donkey is now over 40 years old!(Tracey is much younger than Charlie I hasten to add!) Everyone at the party sported a mad hat, ours were of Bernese Mountain Dogs, Uncle Rodney has one of those as well (spot a theme here?) and a good time was had by all at the barbq pool party. Their smallholding is somewhat flatter than ours and a bit posher having a swimming pool! If there were flat enough ground for us to have one I guarantee it would be full of ducks, fish and other livestock.

Today I drove for several hours to deliver Lilly, the Merle collie we have been fostering since March. As I set off down our lane mid morning a large fox was sat on our dirt track by the barn, obviously looking to see if I had let the poultry out. Oh for the speedy granting of our shotgun licence! Anyway Lilly, an adorable little dog has now gone to a very nice family from Dover way, we met up in a car park on the M4 where the exchange was made. First reports are that she has settled in very well and we are very happy she has gone to such a nice family who run a smallholding. So we are back to having seven dogs. Well not quite, we have two more Berners and Zack and Holly are here on holiday so the canine quota at Rock HQ is still very high!

I took the Technohermit his dinner tonight, not the usual Sunday roast as we have been pushed for time today, burgers chips and beans. He took the container with the piping hot food. I don't think he was impressed. Burger eh? Are they them round flat hard things?

Er yes.

Meat are they?

Sort of.

Sort of?

Well, they've been inside an animal.
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