Sunday, 9 August 2009

I am a cider drinker...

Actually I'm not, beer for me ta very much. Mind you Tracey on the other hand being a stouter Constitution than me can drink the fermented apple juice like its going out of fashion, so when a friend asked if we wanted to go to a cider festival we were very tempted. Would we like to go to a cider festival, have dinner, steal his fruit, get two more ducks, well its sounding better. Its free. We are on our way.

The festival venue was some 70 miles away, coincidentally at a village called Kington which is our local town. Texting friends and family that I was at a free cider festival in Kington was, with hindsight, a bit of a mistake, particularly as it prompted a host of them to try and find us, we being 70 miles south were in no danger of being found. 70 miles south makes a lot of difference to fruit we found out, the blackberries are so ripe they are almost past picking, the plums are ripe and the apples are nearly ready. Ours are still hard green and most unappetising!

We had a great time at the free festival trying ciders with various names like Now Wash Your Hands, Magic Roundabout and Bedridden. All as far as I was concerned should have been sprinkled on chips as it was just like vinegar but the crowd quaffed over a 1000 gallons of the stuff. As designated driver I couldn't drink much more than a mouthful anyway.

Highlight of the night, apart from Tracey wrestling two ducks into submission was this band called Mad Dog Macrea. Fantastic. Look them up on You Tube.

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