Friday, 18 March 2016

Walking with Dinosaurs

 It being Sports Relief day and having decided that Red Kite Fostering would mark the occasion by walking to the pub across the other side of the ridge in fancy dress I finally managed to find my costume, George the Dinosaur, hiding amongst the soft toy collection in our waiting room.
 He was needed to keep rug rat mkII in check who was also dressed a Dinosaur but a smaller version.
 So the epic trek began and the fog descended which meant that the reward to all our hard work was limited to views of 100 yards or less but we did manage to find the Whet Stone where we paused for the obligatory photo.
 Salvation was found 5.5 miles on in a dog friendly restaurant called The Harp at Old Radnor, here we see Rocky getting ready to be drunk under the table. The food was fab and much fun and banter was had by all attending.
 They do say dogs look like their owners, here is a good example
These are local people, not in fancy dress, this is how they are. It gets to you eventually living round here.

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