Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Up north

 The weekend saw yours truly decamp and take the family up north to see the family resident there, as things don't grow in the harsh conditions gardens are out of a box and very low maintenance and child friendly. Here we see the apprentice and rug rat mkII exploring the water feature. The excitement of this was only surpassed by the discovery of a 75 inch TV
 which had a remarkable effect on them. Much fun was had by all especially as England won the grand slam and the apprentice won at monopoly. Tired out they retired to bed in the hotel and not a peep was heard until morning which was a very unusual occurrence.
 Talk of my childhood prompted a visit to the attic on return to HQ where I found a lot of my old lego which kept them more occupied while I hit the road on another training session
 and got my first puncture in a long time
but fixed it a still completed the 30 miles in a new record time of 1 hour 53.28 which was then beaten the following day without a puncture at 1 hour 51. The reward for all this effort, an apple and cinnamon rose cake. A new recipe that I will no doubt enjoy several more times.

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