Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Summit special

 With cycling taking the precedent over everything the chances for taking the clan around or over the Bonsai Mountain are reduced slightly but this morning after last nights 24 mile night ride yours truly took a leg stretcher up the hill to find strangers had moved in.
 There on the summit awaiting bad weather (see snow above) was a teepee.
 Not that this concerned the clan who were busy making their own fun and games, but yours truly decided that a chat with out new no matter how temporary neighbours was in order and after working out the complexities of knocking on the front door of a tent
 had a very worthwhile chat with the three inhabitants plus spaniel who were from Cardiff University and thought it was a good idea to camp in my back yard.
 Well given the views I tend to agree so we chatted some more and they spoke of leaving their car in a lane next to a farm in the dark somewhere over there, middle of top pic abouts and asked how to get to it. Ever helpful I explained the direct and scenic route, the latter taking in the ridge to the right and descending to the car via dark green tree line almost centre.
This was almost due east. So later on that morning as I headed to work, due west and passed a parked car in our lane blocking the militias gate I put two and two together and managed to work out that they were not only cold but confused when we spoke.

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